Branding and initial visual direction for an interactive experiment and a communication platform. 

Lead Designer / Art Director




Three Sweden is one of the first Fjord's clients and friends in Sweden. During the years of closest collaboration Fjord has prepared, scoped and produced various projects including responsive online experience, mobile apps, service design researches and many more.

In 2014 Three shared their plans to go though rebranding process and invited Fjord again to participate as their digital and service design partner. This massive project connected branding and advertising agencies in the loop with Fjord. In close collaboration with the bigger team Anatoliy has gone through the whole process from the very beginning.


Connecting the dots

Initially, the idea came from Per Yoshikai and Tomek Augustyn, who are leading Interaction Design and Creative Technology respectively, at Fjord Stockholm. Since aquisition by Accenture, Fjord has been experiencing rapid and rather steep growth, both geographically and in size, which led to the point when corporate culture was put onto the spot. In order to maintain the values and unique company spirit, fjordians (as they call themselves) needed to be able to connect between each other in different ways from before, therefore Isthmus begin to shine.

The word itself, 'Isthmus' means a narrow strip of land with sea on either side, forming a link between two larger areas of land. It is a set of interactive tools for Fjord's employees to be able to stay aware of what is going on their fellow studios all across the world, interact between each other on yearly events and keep track of gadgets and tools when at their home studio location.

The first part of this project was done fast in order to be shipped to more than 15 countries at once and also to be presented at the early Equinox event in Italy. The team has developed not only the interface and functionality of the Isthmus's dashboard, but also delivered a specially made gadget to each studio that made the dashboard able to work.

First launch was including the ability to peer video connection, certain amount of trackable devices (such as connected coffee machines, SONOS powered devices etc.), but most importantly it was connected to internal Accenture network and was able to track each person's presence in the studio (chill, it was all made by personal mutual consent).

Dashboard detailed designs

Device library

Again, as Fjord was growing, the new need presented itself: employees borrowed devices from local device labs and it needed to be kept track of. With this goal in mind our team designed and developed a mobile application powered by simple NFC chip technology in a form of stickers. Basically, each devices has a sticker on its back and it needs to be scanned by local NFC reader if you want to take an iPad or a GoPro camera from the lab. It is also connected to internal Accenture employee profiles, which allows the system to identify the user right away.

Device Library detailed designs

Isthmus Mobile

Once a year fjordians get together at internal conference called 'Equinox'. It is a huge week long event with conferences and parties, demos and panel talks for more than a thousand employees from all around the world. For that matter we have designed and developed an iOS app, which was used as a universal tool for participants. The app allowed users to check themselves in to the event, to vote for specific activities or/and leave their feedback on such, to follow the schedule of the multi-day event with notifications and also to use the mobile device lab right at the venue. In order to make in more fun, we have designed and animated a bunch of fuzzy creatures, each one of them represented a specific reaction to the event or an activity within.

Isthmus iOS app detailed designs

Additional credits

Per Yoshikai

Tomek Augustyn

Fjord Stockholm