Concept, art direction and detailed visual design for a video-on-demand service platform, launched by Discovery Channel.

Lead Visual Designer



In 2014 Discovery Channel approached Fjord with a need of design help for a newely concepted VOD service. The united team has prepaired and facilitated series of workshops that allowed to define the service concept and prepare for the detailed design phase.

In close collaboration with a branding agency the team has come up with a brand new visual language and responsive framework for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile platforms. The concept then has been produced during the detail design phase and was successfully launched with slight reconsideration of design done by Discovery internally.

Day & Night concept

The conceptual process landed on an idea of 'intelligent duality'. Browsing, zapping and picking out content activities always can be found behind the 'Day light' part of the metaphor, when white color takes up the domination on the screen. The moment you stop your eye on anything in particular and click on a thumbnail or 'Play' button, you will immediately dive into the 'Night darkness', 'Dimmed lights' part of the experience. In other words, same as when you are walking outside and picking up a theatre with a good movie surrounded by shine of sunny day and sit in a comfy chair inside the cinema in complete darkness waiting for the film to start.


Documenting behaviour

In order to provide the client and developers team with a crystal clear understanding of how the framework will behave an explanatory video has been created. All of the major transitions within design have been carefully documented and animated in series of videos.

Design realisation

After the concept was signed off the team started on design realisation phase. All of the major sections of the service including Categories, Theme channels, Web Player etc. have been produced for five responsive breakpoints during several weekly sprints.

Modular approach

Design for such a complex service requires certain amount of iteration which could turn overall design process into a heavy machine. In this project the team has used modular approach to design different components which allowed the sign off and iteration process go smoother and with a rapid pace.

Additional credits

Fran Merino

Per Nordqvist

Helena Albrechtsson